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Defeat Downtime and Delays

April 2017

By: Robert Martin, Kimberly-Clark Professional Filtration  |   04.10.17

Tired of downtime and delay dramas? Waste and delays can be common in the filter manufacturing industry and can cost you money and customers. You need a filter media partner that gets it right the first time, with filter media that’s tested on every run to ensure it performs on your machines and doesn’t overburden your waste stream.


The Downside of Defects

Defective filter media can lead to downtime associated with removing the defective material from your machine and reworking the run. For example, hard spots in the media can stop the pleating machine mid-process. And inconsistent media, with thick and thin zones, doesn’t perform dependably, making it difficult to make and sell products your customers depend on.

 Downtime can hit your business hard when both your equipment and your workforce sit idle. It can also hit your reputation and business relationships if you’re forced to scrap defective inventory and can’t supply your customers with finished filters when they need them. 

At Kimberly-Clark, we deliver an extremely uniform, consistent and dependable product thanks to our highly automated manufacturing, superior control and processing plans, and stringent quality controls. 


What Our Customers Say:

“We have never noticed any quality issues with Kimberly-Clark’s filter media.”

                -CEO, regional filter manufacturer 

“We have never sent back any Kimberly-Clark filter media or issued any corrective action plans. They’ve delivered on a zero defect rate.”

                -Purchasing manager, national filter manufacturer 

Less Trash, More Cash

Filter media is a significant part of the cost to manufacture a filter. You can reduce the amount of scrap material sent to landfill by optimizing filter media thickness as well as the length, width and diameter of the filter media roll and running it down to the core. There is a difference between scrap and usage loss. Be sure to track both accurately. 

Average tipping fees in the U.S. are about $48 per ton, and can soar to $119 per ton depending on location*. In addition to the hard costs associated with sending media scrap to landfill, filter manufacturers need to consider the environmental sustainability costs as well. 

Kimberly-Clark helps filter makers minimize scrap by providing rolls with length and width dimensions matched to the filters being made. Plus, the entire roll is usable, letting manufacturers produce off of the roll as close to the core as possible, without having to splice the roll at an inconvenient point to work around unacceptable material.

 What Our Customers Say:

“The only part of KC’s filter media wasted is the make-ready and ends of the rolls, which does not affect our profitability.”

                -CEO, regional filter manufacturer 

“There is no waste with Kimberly-Clark filtration media because all the media is good.”

                -Purchasing manager, national filter manufacturer 

Performing Up to Spec

Variations in material strength and other specifications can lead to significant downtime. For example, filter media that varies too widely from specified rigidity limits can be difficult to properly pleat. If the media isn’t strong enough, it could break while being processed. 

Kimberly-Clark can customize filter media attributes such as tensile strength and roll length and diameter so the media is matched as best as possible to your converting machinery and processes as well as to the desired performance attributes of your finished filter. Once the media specifications have been set, we regularly check production runs to make sure all the media is consistent, so our customers know it’s going to run well. 

What Our Customers Say:

“We have no problems at all with the way Kimberly-Clark’s filter media performs on our machines.”

                -CEO, regional filter manufacturer 

“Not too long ago, we switched to another filter media supplier. We didn’t really know how good we had it with Kimberly-Clark until they were gone because the new media had processing problems. We went back to KC and it was a breath of fresh air.”

                -Purchasing Manager, national filter manufacturer 

“We see very little downtime due to filter media concerns with Kimberly-Clark.”

                -Continuous Improvement Manager, national filter manufacturer 

Don’t let media-related downtime and delay hurt your profitability or your customer relationships. Contact Kimberly-Clark Professional Filtration for consistent, dependable filter media that will keep your operation productive and give you the performance your customers demand. 

*Landfill tipping data collected by the Environmental Research and Education Foundation:

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