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Solution Squad Debuts at Filtration 2018

Solution Squad

By:   |   10.22.18

Kimberly-Clark Professional Filtration Products was proud to be a sponsor of the Filtration 2018 International Conference & Exposition earlier this month. We joined about 140 other filtration industry suppliers in Philadelphia for three days of learning, networking and business-building, where we were delighted to introduce our new commercialization project, The Solution Squad

“We’re so much more than a supplier of nonwoven materials,” explains Juliana Khouri, customer marketing manager, Kimberly-Clark Professional Filtration Products. “We offer unmatched expertise in end-to-end nonwoven product development with the Solution Squad, a specialized team of experts who work hand-in-hand with our customers to help them create their best products ever and gain a competitive edge.” 

“With the Solution Squad, customers are no longer limited to standard material choices or burdened with time-consuming research to be successful,” says Khouri. “They finally have a fully-enabled team to cover it all, backed by a 100-percent defect-free guarantee.” 

Meet the Solution Squad

Unlike some nonwovens suppliers that limit a customer’s access to one point of contact at their company, Kimberly-Clark offers unfettered access to the entire Solution Squad team, including: 

  • The Advocate, who identifies the customer’s needs and acts as a knowledge resource to ensure the customer’s expectations are met.
  • The Guardian, who ensures the customer’s nonwoven material is made right, or it’s made again at no cost.
  • The Innovator, who constantly searches for the next great nonwoven and helps convert nonwoven concepts into viable products.
  • The Concierge, who ensures order and inventory integrity throughout the product cycle.

 “Every member of the Solution Squad has our customers’ backs,” says Khouri. “We take our promise of partnership very seriously and work diligently to minimize the risk sometimes inherent in exploring new nonwoven materials.”

 Activate the Solution Squad

Filter manufacturers looking to start a new nonwovens-based project can activate the Kimberly-Clark Professional* Partnership Products Solution Squad immediately by visiting and answering a few simple questions. The customer’s Advocate will respond within 24 hours to arrange a no-obligation phone consultation to learn more about the customer’s product design, performance specifications and manufacturing processes.

 “Once a customer activates our Solution Squad, we spring into action by assessing their business needs and delivering a customized consultation that streamlines the process of making nonwovens-enabled products,” Khouri adds.




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A further suggestion is that attention be paid to documenting the amount of ventilation air actually delivered to the building occupants, as VAV boxes serving conference rooms are typically causing ventilation deficiencies.
By: David Bearg